There’s been an awful lot of angst aimed at The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, and I can probably point my finger at the multiplayer aspect for the reason and not be wrong. It’s hardly the first Legend of Zelda game to be multiplayer oriented, and it probably won’t be the last either judging by Nintendo’s recent trends and decisions. However, if you can put that aside for a minute, you might see that Tri Force Heroes looks like a whole lot of fun.

Granted, the Japanese trailers have not done a great job of selling it, playing up the weirdness of the story and characters rather than settling down and showing off just the pure gameplay. What we have here in the U.K. trailer though is a solid 3 minute look at different obstacles the three Links must overcome in the dungeons. None of these puzzles are out of place in a Legend of Zelda game, and each looks like they could have been in A Link Between Worlds without so much as a peep from the naysayers.

The items too could have made an appearance as well. Some are classic favorites like the Hammer and the Hook Shot, and others are new like the Fire Gloves that make the Mario fireball sound effect when activated.

However, because it requires three Links and has no overworld, nope, that is a cardinal sin. Stray from Zelda’s set formula and you will be destroyed by complaints. Nevermind that Majora’s Mask was a risky game. Nevermind that it has a single player mode and can be enjoyed on your own like a normal Zelda title. Nevermind that Nintendo has a huge Zelda game in the works and will have it released sooner or later. Never mind that it stars Link wearing a Cheerleading Outfit and a Cactus Suit.

We have to pile on the hate because that’s just what gamers do. You guys can go ahead, though. I’ll be busy having all kinds of fun with Tri Force Heroes when it launches on Oct. 23.

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