The Legend of Zelda is now a franchise with three different styles of games. First, we have the traditional overhead exploration games like Link to the Past, the ones I prefer. Then we have the third-person 3D games like Wind Waker and The Ocarina of Time. Finally, this new branch of Zelda expands from Four Swords Adventure on the GameCube, and we’ll call it the co-op Legend of Zelda games.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes will star thee separate Links, and it will allow friends to conquer classic dungeons with one another. Pretty simple. Nintendo has 15 frantic minutes of gameplay to show off following up on the E3 announcement, and it looks decent enough. Much like Metroid Prime: Federation Force, it might not be what we were expecting, but I have no reason to turn my nose up at it yet.

Well, I did prefer the classic style Link from Link Between Worlds to this latest rendition of Toon Link. He was gorgeous in that game, and here, his 3D model looks like a blob fashioned in the mold of Link. At least he has the dress-up outfits.

The emotes work nicely with coordinating attacks, and I think maybe it goes a little overboard on warning fans on who is taking damage. I get it already! It also looks really challenging. In the video, our demonstrators die many times at the hands of bosses and other traps, but maybe they are just terrible.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes should be released for the Nintendo 3DS this fall or winter. Its release makes the 3DS the only console in which you can enjoy all three styles of of Zelda games now.