By this point in time, I've seen The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD in motion more times than I care to count, but the game's new makeover never fails to impress me. The difference in quality between the GameCube version and Wii U version is simply breathtaking, and very few of the other HD ports I've seen over the past several years can come close to matching its leap.

Maybe The Wind Waker was always destined to be a 1080p game. Its Hyrule is of a grander scale than anything that's ever come before it, and each of the inhabited islands sports a world in and of itself. Nintendo created a perfectly sized game using technology over a decade old now, and games still fail to live up to The Wind Waker's massive size.

The latest clips show Link going about his business in the island paradise. Fighting bosses, using tools, talking with townsfolk, solving puzzles. It's all comes with the job of being the green tunic wearing hero of time. Regardless of the setting he is in, be it an underground dungeon, a peaceful beach, or the frigid arctic boundaries, Link will always find something to do in this world.

Nintendo has also included a Hero Mode in this package, which will make the game harder and expand its value for those looking to totally conquer this visionary world.

The wait for this remastered classic is almost over as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will be launching this week on September 20th. Get you Wii U consoles out from the back shelves, unless you took it out to play Pikmin 3 already, because holiday season is here, and Nintendo is ready to turn this thing around.

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