Man, those 200 rupees you can collect by passing “Go” would seriously help in buying the Blue Ring, wouldn’t it?

USAopoly is launching a special Legend of Zelda Edition of classic board game Monopoly available from Sept. 15. All of the traditional board game pieces have been replaced by classic Ocarina of Time tropes. The Bow, Hookshot, Boomerang, the Hylian Shield and the Triforce move around the board. Rupees replace dollars. Chance cards are “empty bottles.” Deku Trees are hotels and Deku Sprouts are houses. The Spirit Train makes an obvious appearance. You get the idea.

Just like a real video game, if you pre-order at Gamestop, you can snag a bonus game piece representing the Ocarina of Time itself. The “normies” who buy the game at other retailers will only have the five normal pieces to choose from. Gamestop pre-orderers also get “Power Cards for added game play,” but no explanation is given into what these do. Gee, thanks…

The board game will sell for $39.99.

Looks entertaining enough, but I’ve never been a huge Monopoly fan. I’d be much more excited to go back and play the original Milton Bradley Legend of Zelda board game released back in the 1980s. I think it’s still tucked away in the back corners of my parents’ basement. A reissue would be sweet, too.


You think you’ve played every Legend of Zelda game? Well, you were wrong. This is one you can’t emulate. Good times.