People are head over heels for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I want to yell at anyone who’s had the opportunity to play it. I say this because my annual convention trip to Tokyo Game Show is one of the conventions that Nintendo doesn’t go to.

The game has stormed through yet another convention, and just like Los Angeles for E3 2016, Nintendo is strolling out of Germany with the “Best of Gamescom 2016” award.

Joining it are Battlefield 1, which walked away with the “Consumer Award,” and Little Nightmares, a Bandai Namco-backed indie game, for taking the “Gamescom Indie Award.” Ubisoft’s For Honor walked away with a handful of surprising victories, too, including both best PC and the PlayStation 4 game. It will be coming to the Xbox One as well, but that award went to Rare’s Sea of Thieves.

Sounded like a great convention. Can’t wait to get started on my own coverage. Stay tuned on Sept. 15-17 for your Tokyo Game Show 2016 news!