The Legend of Legacy is the latest game on my JRPG wishlist that I hope gets an English translation. A reveal earlier this week explained how the series relates to Square Enix’s classic SaGa games, and a trailer showed how its open world will literally open before your eyes. Now, a new batch of screenshots does a wonderful job fleshing out the characters and ruined island of Avalon.

FuRyu’s official website, translated by Gematsu, updated this week in Japan and has blitzed us with a wealth of information about the game’s cast and setup.


Many people have challenged the legend. But then they disappeared. From an eternal slumber, the continent of illusion awakened. “The Avalon.” Waiting in that abyss, the stairs to paradise? Or the door to hell? This… “legacy” left behind by the gods of old weaves a story of unknown “truth.”

The Avalon

10 years ago, in the northern seas, a mysterious island suddenly emerged.

According to legend, once that place was known as “Avalon,” and it was an island large enough to be called a continent. It was said to be a thriving country where the gods lived.

In the last 10 years, many adventurers and researchers have embarked to search and investigate the island, but due to Avalon’s unique terrain and the monsters that nest there, their paths have been hindered and current research hasn’t made much progress.

The Spirit and Legacy

According to investigations made by the party sent ahead, it appears that “ghostly” figures can be seen on Avalon.

They cannot be seen by the average human eye, so why are they visible on the island?

There are several theories, but the one most likely considered is due to the power of the “legacy” left by the gods that sleeps in that land.

Throughout Avalon there are many tools and buildings standing that don’t seem to be the work of man. It’s believed that the ghostly figures have been visualized due to the power of these “legacies.”

The Star Graal

One of Avalon’s legends, “The Star Graal.”

The Star Graal is one of the legacies left behind by the gods in The Avalon. It is said to bring “immortality” to its owner, and all the rumors about it being a secret formula for perpetual youth and great wealth stirs the heart of adventurers and has been the cause of their expedition to The Avalon.

However, it remains a thing of legend even though not a single person has seen its existence yet.

Town Initium

Located at the southern end of The Avalon, Initium is the island’s only town.

As a base for those who challenge the legends of the island, many adventurers visit Initium daily.

The lord of the town lives in a mansion on the high grounds and has spent the last 10 years building it up. He was the first person to discover the island of Avalon and naturally is known as “The Adventure King.”

Along with a fascinating world with a rich history, each of the game’s seven characters has a back-story that seems worthy of digging into.

  • Eloise – Female. 24-years-old. Besides being a doctor, she is an alchemist researching immortality. Sexy, at first glance, but serious at her core. Scary when provoked.
  • Liber – Male. 18-years-old. A treasure hunter traveling the world in search of treasure. He is energetic, straightforward, and optimistic. He has a strong sense of justice, despises crooked things, and loves women.
  • Bianca – Female. Age unknown. When she awakened, her memories other than her name were lost. She has a gentle personality, but in search of her memories, she also has the strength the move forward.
  • Meurs – Male. 27-years-old. A descendant of the clan known as the “Spirit Messengers” who have the power to communicate with spirits. The guiding voices of the spirits wander in various places.
  • Garnet – Female. 20-years-old. A knight of the Emilia Church Knights. She is an earnest, stubborn, and inflexible woman with an absolute allegiance to the knights.
  • Owen – Male. 36-years-old. A man of unknown origin who calls himself a “baron.” He is greedy and arrogant, but so sure of his skills as a bounty hunter he would go through hell just for money.
  • Filmia – Male. Frog. Age unknown. Long ago, he was the prince of the country of frogs on The Avalon. He is polite and gentlemanly. He goes about things at his own pace and sings when he’s in the mood.

Much like DoubleFine’s puzzle-platformer The Cave, The Legend of Legacy will star seven characters, but you’ll only be able to choose three to form your party. Hopefully, this will not lead to the same awkward circumstance of having to play through three times to get all of the information this game has to offer. Who knows? Maybe it will be good enough to want to.

SaGa Frontier had you play through the game seven times, and I had no problem with that.

Which three characters are you thinking of playing as first? I’m all about Filmia the frog prince as my main protagonist of course. I’ll probably close out my party with Owen, the dude with the huge sword, and Eloise, the lady with the knowledge of potions. She is an expert alchemist after all.

The Legend of Legacy has been in development for two years, and it will be release in Japan on January 22nd.