JRPG developer FuRyu has a brand new trailer showing off its next RPG, The Legend of Legacy, and I can't seem to contain my inner SaGa fandom anymore. FuRyu has done a splendid job reassembling the team of former Square Enix developers responsible for the classic off-beat RPG SaGa series, and with every new trailer, its influence on this game shows more and more.

The character art is where we can see the most influence. While it's not half as gorgeous as legendary character artist Yoshitaka Amano's, it has been drawn in the same vein with the soft colors and similar aesthetics. SaGa has never had much basis in fantasy or science fiction, always happily dancing along the edge of the two with themes that run far deeper than jut history or science.

In this regard, The Legend of Legacy looks a bit more like traditional fantasy.

As for the combat, SaGa has always featured a traditional line fighting menu-based style of gameplay, but never quite as simplistic as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Huge groups of enemies, off-beat animations, indirect attacks that could be world-devastating or barely register a ping on an enemy's armor. While we don't get to see any numbers in this trailer, it's hard to exactly put into words why this game resembles SaGa more than its peers, it just does.

Possibly because it's so difficult to put SaGa's differences into words as well.

This is shaping up to be a wonderful outing from FuRyu, and we are sadly still waiting for a localizing company to pick it up. I was thinking the normal localizing scene would be all over this game. XSEED brought over FuRyu's previous game, Unchained Blades, on the Nintendo 3DS, but it has been mum about this one. Shame, because it looks a lot better.