A new RPG from Unchained Blades developer FuRyu called The Legend of Legacy might look a lot like Square Enix’s recent hit Bravely Default with similar 3D character models and hand-drawn background art, but the two couldn’t be any more different in their inspiration. Bravely Default borrows a few pages from the older Final Fantasy games, but The Legend of Legacy turns to its offbeat younger sibling, SaGa.

Famitsu has all of the latest on the reveal of this game, which probably not so coincidentally has more than a few names from the SaGa series behind it. The Legend of Legacy grants players access to seven characters, of which they can build a party of three. From there, they play as they choose. There is no linear structure to the adventure, no order in which towns must be visited. Players will uncover maps to new areas by merely exploring the island of Avalon and the countless ruins that scatter its geography.

Designer Kyoji Koizumi says he wants to make a game in which characters must find their own way to progress. He does not want to rely on the modern trope of “quests.” Sounds like a grizzled SaGa veteran all the way through to the bone.

A large portion of the video game world does not share my enthusiasm, but I am in love with SaGa, Square Enix’s third longest running series. From its early Game Boy roots, to its peak years on the Super Famicom and PlayStation, and even those weird PlayStation 2 missteps, I love their open-ended structure, randomness, and stubborn refusal to play by the rules.

Creator and lead designer Akitoshi Kawazu is still at Square Enix and is promising a new SaGa game for the 25th anniversary aimed at fans that liked the older games. However, he frequently misses the deadlines he sets for himself. Will the idea of his ex-coworkers beating him to the punch help speed up his process?

Even more importantly, will The Legend of Legacy, silly stereotypical JRPG name and all, follow in the footsteps of Unchained Blades and make it to the states? Nintendo 3DS owners saw a lot of hope in 2012 and 2013 with the JRPG genre blooming nicely on their console of choice, but 2014 has proven to be a much slower year. Bravely Default seems like an eternity ago, and Dragon Quest VII is still nowhere to be seen. Only Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth lies on the horizon in hopes of relief.

Will The Legend of Legacy help get this ball rolling again? I’d really like to play it.