The Legend of Legacy finally launches next week, and it marks a pretty huge victory for those who hope for the localizations of unlikely games from Japan. Not many seemed interested in FuRyu’s little hit, but Atlus stepped up with its usual swagger and decided to retool its issues and deliver a solid script. One week remains until the final product comes out, and Atlus has one final launch trailer to help get the word out.

The Legend of Legacy takes place on the island of Avalon. Explorers from all over the world set out together to explore and map this magical island, hoping to find the mysteries that lie below the Earth. Our game stars seven heroes who must combine their strengths to put and reveal the rumors and legends once and for all.

Each of these seven heroes are blessed with attacks and alliances with elements. For example, our frog prince Filmia excels in spears and has a knack for water magic. Go figure. The paladin Garnet has an affinity for heavy weapons and armor, but no elemental loyalties. From these seven heroes, you’ll make a party of three and explore.

What the trailer doesn’t tell players is the talent behind the scenes of this game is made up of pretty iconic figures. The biggest name is writer Masato Kato, of Chrono Trigger and Xenogears fame, and his scenario is backed by designer Kyoji Koizumi, who aided in the SaGa series for many years. The music was also composed by Masashi Hamauzu, who did the tunes for Final Fantasy XIII, one of that game’s only universally praised elements.

I’ve already played the demo and put it away pleased. It’s not quite as random or off-beat as the SaGa games, but it is a solid choice if you’re looking for a fun, reliable Nintendo 3DS JRPG. Combat is great, but the main problem lies in the maps being a bit boring. Maybe the dungeons currently available in the demo improve their flat, boxy layout.

We’ll wait and see. I’m already sold and will be picking up the game day 1, but that’s just because these kinds of games are like a nice, warm blanket for me. The Legend of Legacy launches on Oct. 14 for the Nintendo 3DS.