Legacy of Legend

Atlus finally has a release date for FuRyu's polarizing JRPG, The Legend of Legacy, placing the Nintendo 3DS release on Oct. 13 for $39.99.

Naturally, the first wave of physical releases will come packaged with all the goodies that Atlus crams into its games. In this case, the box will contain an art book with works from lead artist Tomomi Kobayashi and a 10 track soundtrack.

The Legend of Legacy has proven to be just as controversial on the import scene as many expected. When you base your game on a series as black-and-white as the SaGa games, you have to expect to take the blows with the compliments. I've seen previews ripping it apart for not being a silky smooth as Chrono Trigger, missing the point a bit, and I've seen plenty praising it for how it perfectly channels the broad, open-ended design of SaGa Frontier, a feat bound to not impress everyone.

I'm pumped because I love the SaGa games, but like I said, many do not. The best ray of hope that those people have is that Atlus says the game has been re-balanced since its Japanese release, making the experience point distribution and the difficulty curve more accessible to a wider audience. Bravely Default and plenty of other JRPGs undergo the same treatment and become better games for it.

The Legend of Legacy, or LOL as we might call it, will be released on Oct. 13 for the Nintendo 3DS.