The Nintendo 3DS continues to solidify itself as the platform to own for fans of the JRPG genre with another title many had written off. FuRyu’s The Legend of Legacy seemed like a lost cause after its middling reception in Japan, but our best friends at Atlus have decided to take a chance and give the game a stab at the North and South American market.

The Legend of Legacy is a sort of spiritual follow up to Square Enix’s Saga franchise, helmed by many former developers who worked on it. Those expecting a game like Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy must look somewhere else. This is a free-roaming title more closely resembling progress in Skyrim than anything else. Find your own fun, uncover your own quests, dig for the story and don’t expect anything on a platter. Sounds like the best of both genres, something Saga has always tiptoed along.

Plus, it stars a frog. How can you go wrong?

Atlas has promised to address the issues which plagued the Japanese version’s balance and pacing, meaning that it will be receiving a full overhaul in the difficulty curve. I’m fine with that considering how a similar approach helped Bravely Default become a much better game in the process. This also means Japan will be getting a coveted “international edition” as well.

Atlas was already rumored to be bringing the game over, but this news confirms it. Look for The Legend of Legacy for $39.99 on the Nintendo 3DS this fall.