Platinum Games is surfing on a tidal wave right about now thanks to the overwhelming positive praise it is receiving for Bayonetta 2. Seriously, this game is the best thing all year. It’s so good that it totally made me forget that Platinum Games has another project due for release next week, The Legend of Korra.

Even after knowing about its existence for quite some time, I’m still totally baffled by this release. How Platinum Games was tapped to transform this faux-anime into a video game is beyond me, but it is kind of exciting in the same way that Disney and other entertainment companies used to turn to Capcom and other Japanese superstars to adapt their intellectual properties into drop dead fabulous games.

Long gone are those days, but are you going to complain about Duck Tales, Little NemoAladdin or Willow? I didn’t think so!

I am jumping into The Legend of Korra totally blind because I have never seen the show. I have no idea how Korra’s elemental attacks work, so Platinum Games has a new trailer laying out the rules for noobs like me. It sounds about as basic as a game’s inner-mechanics come, but I don’t think the company is quite reaching for the same level of deep action that the Bayonetta fans crave.

I don’t know why her dog Naga is so enormous, and I have no idea how the rules of this world’s Quidditch rip-off work. All I care about is that Platinum Games is making this, and hopefully it can fill in the blanks for me as I mindlessly bash away enemies.

Again, I’m not expecting much. I just want to see Platinum Games working at its most basic design theories. The game launches for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC next week on Oct. 21. Sorry, no Wii U release, but why complain? You guys get Bayonetta 2 the week after!

That’s more than a fair trade!