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ARGH! What do I have to do to finally play this game?! We battled the foul clutches of Nintendo to get the thing to come to America in the first place. Then it took an entire year to localize for Europeans. Now that the shipment date has been reached and the launch trailer has us all pumped, Gamestop and Amazon have put their shipments on hold thanks to “production issues, or trouble getting off the press.”

I mean, when was the last time a game release was teased this much?

Gamestop at least has only delayed the launch by three days, changing the original date of August 14 to August 17, so the extra time isn’t really going to hurt anybody. Grab a copy at your local Gamestop tomorrow at the earliest, and be on your merry way.

However, Amazon customers must wait “one to three weeks,” which twitches my ridiculous knob just a little too much. Logic would dictate cancelling the order and just running down to the nearest Gamestop to grab a copy, but being stuck across a region-protected planet puts a damper on my ability to obtain games these days. Plus, my pre-order bonuses would be lost, and I’d never pass up a free Nobuo Uematsu CD.

So yeah, good luck getting a hold of a copy of Final Fantasy creator’s Hironobu Sakaguchi’s latest game. It seems fate just doesn’t want this title in the hands of patient Americans.

Amazon has my estimated shipping date at August 23, so I’ll hopefully receive it by September if a rogue lightning bolt doesn’t send my copy to the bottom of the Pacific. Stick around for a review.

[via The Verge]

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