Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and his company Mistwalker will finally see an American release of their JRPG The Last Story after a long and controversial localization process. American publisher XSEED Games has announced via Twitter the game will be released on August 14th of this year. JRPG and Sakaguchi fans all around the country can finally sigh in relief after it was though the game would never make it stateside at all.

Last year, the JRPG crowd took to the internet to protest in a campaign called Operation Rainfall after it was discovered Nintendo was sitting on the publishing rights for a handful of highly anticipated RPG's. Nintendo buckled under and published Xenoblade Chronicles by themselves, but XSEED had to step in to get The Last Story published.

Fans openly welcomed XSEED's involvement in the localization after the company began making a name off of its exceptional localization talents on a few DS and PSP JRPGs. The up-and-coming team remains largely unproven on the console side of things though, and The Last Story has been by far their largest project to date.

Mistwalker's short love affair with Microsoft earlier in the generation didn't fan out the way Sakaguchi would have liked, but with no huge Wii titles on the horizon, he very well could have created the console's "final fantasy."

The Last Seed will be released on August 14th for the Nintendo Wii. Following in Atlus' footsteps, XSEED will offer a limited edition soundtrack with a pre-order of the game through Amazon or Gamestop. Xenoblade Chronicles went on sale for the Wii back in April, but it can only be purchased through Gamestop. To this day, Pandora's Tower remains the only Operation Rainfall game to not have an American release plan yet.

[via VG247]

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