A group of plucky young heroes, an empire in decline, airships and enemies with outrageous hair, The Last Story definitely rings true to the classic Final Fantasy games director Hironobu Sakaguchi helmed before handing the series out to his successors.

After a successful online campaign to get the game published, XSEED is at long last ready to reward American fans with a launch trailer before they run to the store and claim their prize.

So far, the game has been well received, especially from long time fans who are welcoming the modernization of many aging JRPG mechanics with open arms. In 2012, it might not be the prettiest game on the market, suffering from he dated Wii graphical limitations, but if you've got a flair for old school presentation, The Last Story is definitely a place to start rediscovering the long lost sense of adventure the JRPG used to provide.

Dissent has been aimed at the sporadic frame rate, meaning that this probably would be a lot nicer as a PlayStation 3 game, and surprisingly at the old fashioned story telling and lack of anything new. If you expect Mass Effect 2 from the guy who claims Final Fantasy V is his favorite, then you're probably going to be disappointed. Just enjoy the game's plot for throwback's sake, and it should be just fine.

The Last Story is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. Between this and Xenoblade Chronicles, JRPG fans now finally have a reason to dust off their Wiis for one that run through.

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