The first official screenshots of The Last of Us Remastered have been published by Korean website Ruliweb. Naughty Dog confirmed that the shots are real, but the leak on the Internet occurred without its consent, claiming that the images were for print only.

The Last of Us is one of Naughty Dog’s most successful games to date. Already scoring the studio critical praise, countless gaming awards, and financial success, it is about to find a whole new audience of PlayStation converts who have migrated from the Xbox 360. Naughty Dog also wouldn’t mind if it impressed the people who have already survived the tale of Joel and Ellie once before.

How about it? If you’ve already played the game, is there enough here to make you want to play again? As much as I liked The Last of Us the first time through, it doesn’t really strike me as a game I want to play twice. At least, not this soon after my first time with it. Similar style survival horror games like Resident Evil 4 have called me back into their worlds sooner, but that was more for the change of their New Game+ modes. Not to experience the story again.

Besides, if I want to play it again, the PlayStation 3 version is fine by me.

If you haven’t played it yet, then by all means make this your first time to do so. Naughty Dog deserves all the praise in the world for this game, and it received all the praise in the world for good reason. The release date for The Last of Us Remastered is set for July 29, and it will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

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