Hey kids, nothing new to play this summer? Well, why not play something old! Instead of digging through your ever growing backlog or breezing through one of your nostalgic favorites, why not drop premium price on a game you already bought and play through it just like you did almost exactly a year ago?

Today marks the launch of The Last of Us Remastered. Four hundred and ten days have passed since this monster hit grabbed the video game world by the throat, and it still hasn’t given us chance to breathe yet, stealing headlines through one of the slowest summers in recent memory. This remaster has promised to bring the popular game into the next-generation of consoles, giving it a facelift worthy of the reveal trailer.

I’ve had my fill of The Last of Us, and it’s the kind of “fill” that will last for many, many years until it possibly becomes the kind of nostalgic favorite you play through during an empty summer.

I’m not interested in picking it up day one, but for those who are, whether you’ve played through it before or not, here is a graphical comparison trailer and a handful of screenshots to aid in your decision making. Please be careful, though, as the game features not-safe-for-work language, and it is also compressed, meaning the differences in detail won’t be entirely obvious.

How about it? Any interest in picking up the role of Joel again and protecting Ellie through the hellish American landscape?

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