A comment from Naughty Dog has done a little work to spin the rumor mill concerning an eventual port of The Last of Us to the PlayStation 4.

One of the worst side effects of new gaming consoles not featuring backwards compatibility is that anyone new to a specific brand of software has no way to experience great games from previous generations.

That’s a problem some new PlayStation 4 owners are dealing with when it comes to big hits from the PlayStation 3’s strong library of content. Specifically, one gamer makes mention of missing out on The Last of Us.

In a PlayStation Blog post written by Naughty Dog Community Strategist Eric Monacelli, a reader posed this question in the comment section:

I know this has been asked before… but to those of us who jumped onboard with PS4 – “switched teams”, if you will – and don’t actually own a PS3, will there be any hope to see TLoU and its DLC moved over to the new console?

Interestingly enough, Monacelli actually responded.

We’re just getting our Naughty Dog engine up and running on PS4 as we work on the next UNCHARTED project. We will see what the future brings! 🙂

That last bit about the future? That’s been enough fuel to get the Internet fired up for the potential of The Last of Us on the PlayStation 4. Monacelli is pretty concise about the fact that it won’t happen anytime soon, but his statement suggests that Naughty Dog has a port for the banner title in mind for the future.

What do you think? Should PlayStation 4 owners hold their breath for The Last of Us, or should they just pony up the scratch for a PlayStation 3 if they really want to play it?