Don’t worry: The Last of Us is not going to devolve the game into a mindless third person shooter. Naughty Dog did an excellent job adding an inoffensive multiplayer portion into the Uncharted games, and it has taken the same careful steps in bringing a true cooperative “survival horror” experience to their upcoming offering.

For the short term, the game has a Survivor “deathmatch” mode with no respawns, but for the large picture, Naughty Dog has created a Survival Raid mode in which players can join an ever expanding clan in an in-game 12 week fight for survival.

Scavenge items, raid enemy clans’ forts, craft survival tools, conserve ammo, overcome illness, conduct rescue missions from infected enemies, defend your base, lots and lots of sneaking. Supply Raid takes not only the core mechanics from the main game and puts them to use in the mutiplayer, but it increases the tension knowing now that you are no longer being hunted by foolish AI.

Survival horror has never been mastered in a mutiplayer fashion, with heavy hitters like Dead Space and Resident Evil delivering solid shooter experiences. While fine in their own rights, The Last of Us is looking to redefine what survival in a video game really means.

I absolutely cannot wait for this game. The Last of Us will be available on June 14th exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Editor’s note: Originally a video was available, however the video has been taken down.  The screenshots above were taken prior the video being removed.

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