Naughty Dog's survival-horror hit The Last of Us will get a free new multiplayer mode with the next patch update tomorrow. This new mode, known as Interrogation, will require teams to work closer together as they pry information from opposing teammates.

In Interrogation, killing the opposing team isn't good enough, nor are straight up executions. New executions, called "interrogate" executions, take longer to perform, but in that time space, opposing team members will give you information on the locations of their base and supplies. A team must gather information five times if they are to protect their assets.

Teams with all five pieces of information will have free reign of the map and know exactly where to find the enemies lockbox. Should both teams get five pieces of information, it turns into a free-for-all until one team retrieves the other's box, making it more like capture the flag than anything else.

Of course, Interrogations are also tricky to pull off as you will need to keep him alive long enough to get the info. Should he break free and die without spilling his guts or be mercy killed by a teammate, then the point will not count and you will be forced to find another soul to torture.

It's an interesting concept that fits into the desperate world of The Last of Us, where you must constantly throw your morals out the window if you are to survive. Don't like torture, the don't play Interrogation.

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