Naughty Dog is finally going to give gamers a chance to play their hotly anticipated survival horror game, The Last of Us. A demo will be released on the PlayStation Network a whole two weeks before the June 14th release date.

Gamers who purchase God of War: Ascension this week will have an even earlier glance at the title. The demo will be accessible through a menu in the God of War: Ascension user-interface, and is visible with a countdown clock that will run out on May 31st.

Demoes to highly anticipated games have often worked to propel less popular titles into hits, like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance helping the Zone of the Enders HD Collection get off the ground and Halo 4 giving Crackdown a much needed boost. I wonder what that says about Sony's faith in God of War if they're using it as a vessel for The Last of Us.

How many undecided gamers are going to turn to Kratos' latest journey just to get the sneak peak a few weeks early?

Naughty Dog has been on a hot streak with their Uncharted games since the beginning of this console cycle, and their storytelling has been given a lot of praise. This new experiment for the company has got a lot of gamers shaking in their boots, wondering what the gurus have in store for the dwindling survival horror genre.

I know I'm excited, and I'm not even that big of an Uncharted fan.

Naughty Dog's The Last of Us will be released on June 14th, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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