The Last of Us 2

It's not always the best way of uncovering what is going on behind the curtain of a gaming studio, but one ex-Naughty Dog employee on LinkedIn claims he was working on The Last of Us 2 for a month before leaving to lend his talents to Just Cause 3. Can we just change the name of the website to "LeakedOut" now?

Yeah, I spent all night thinking of that one!

Naughty Dog's former lead character artist Michael Knowland has updated his LinkedIn profile to include his work on "all things main and NPC characters" with The Last of Us, "working on main character Nathan Drake" with Uncharted 4, and finally, the kicker of them all, "1 month prototyping head sculpts" on The Last of Us 2.

Of course, Naughty Dog has not announced any information regarding The Last of Us 2 yet, and Knowland hadn't either up until recently. Before today, his profile read "Unannounced AAA Game."

We'll probably have to wait until E3 to see if this leak pans out to be true, so just consider it a rumor until then. I don't know how I would feel about a sequel just yet. Many want one, but I am in the camp that believes just like BioShock, The Last of Us is best served as a nice, self-contained story that doesn't need to be flogged for all its worth.