Naughty Dog’s mega hit, The Last of Us, has seen an impressive run on the PlayStation 3, and that version’s run is finally coming to a close with the Grounded Bundle, the final DLC pack for the game.

Both multiplayer and single player modes will benefit from this pack. In single player, Grounded Mode will take the game to new levels of difficulty.

“Grounded Mode will be the hardest challenge you’ll ever face as you try to complete the single-player campaign of The Last of Us,” says Naughty Dog Community Strategist Eric Monacelli on the PlayStation Blog. “The AI is relentless, smart, and brutal, and survival will be near impossible. ‘Completed Grounded Mode’ might be one of the most difficult Trophies you’ll ever earn.” This will cost $4.99 for those without season passes.

As for multiplayer, you can expect to see new maps, new weapons, and the usual additions a DLC pack brings to the fold. A double barrel shotgun, a pinpoint accurate pistol called the Enforcer, a silent assault rifle called the Specter, and a bonafide rocket launcher. These aren’t exactly weapons you think of when jumping into The Last of Us. Sounds more like Call of Duty, Halo or some other science fiction game.

The maps will cost $9.99, the weapons $5.99, and new survival skills will cost $3.99. All of these come free with the season pass, but that will be expiring on May 13 after all of this goes live. A final Full-Auto Rifle will also be available for free for everyone, because it sounds a little game breaking.

I might be interested in checking out how these weapons work in the grim and ruined world of The Last of Us. If only they worked in single player. Despite owning the game for a year now, I have not once fired up multiplayer mode, and it’s going to take some truly silly ideas like these weapons to muster up the motivation to do so.

With DLC out of the way, now maybe Naughty Dog can focus on something new and original again, like porting The Last of Us to the PlayStation 4. Yay.