A month or so ago, word spread that Sony had let the trademark for The Last Guardian slip. After much immediate speculation about the impending cancellation of the next from Team Ico, Sony eventually clarified that the trademark lapse was a complete mistake.

Now, it looks like the company has filed the paperwork to keep the trademark intact. A NeoGAF user was trawling the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office site and found the official filing from Sony. The application was put in on March 12, 2015.

Let’s be clear here; this doesn’t mean much of anything.

Yes. Sony is holding on to The Last Guardian‘s namesake. It has also confirmed several times over the last few years especially that development is still happening and that some particulars have changed.

All signs recently have pointed towards the need to change platforms as a huge source of the recent delay. The Last Guardian was originally being made for the PlayStation 3. Now that we’re approaching years into the new generation of home consoles, the speculation is that The Last Guardian had to be moved over to the PlayStation 4.

Exactly how much work is going into that potential and rumored platform change? We have no idea. All we know is that development of The Last Guardian has been going on for something like eight years. That’s crazy.

Consider this trademark filing little more than another beat in this game’s now long-running tale. We’ll have more on whatever happens to The Last Guardian as it comes. Stay tuned.