The Last Guardian

Sony has abandoned the trademark for The Last Guardian, letting its wayward vaporware game trail off into the wind and allowing speculation on its cancellation to equally take off into the atmosphere. Why is it that feel that we’ve been here before?

The Last Guardian screenshot

Probably because we have! This is the second time Sony has let the trademark for The Last Guardian expire with the last time occurring in August of 2012!

We all know how this is going to spell out, but I’ll break it down anyway. Sony Worldwide Studios boss huhei Yoshida will make a statement on the trademark, apologizing for the mistake and assuring us all that that game is still in development in a bunker somewhere in Japan. He’ll say something like “if the game is canceled, we’ll be sure to tell you.” The trademark will be reapplied for, and we’ll got back to speculating for a further three years.

In other words, nothing to see here folks!

The last time we heard from The Last Guardian, it was in December when Sony said it was being developed “under new conditions,” probably hinting at a generation shift for a PlayStation 4 release.