Here we go again. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has heard from the brother of a roomate's niece who knows a guy at Team Ico who said that the long awaited official release date for The Last Guardian is going to be announced soon.

I just don't know what to believe anymore.

The Last Guardian is the highly anticipated follow-up to the PlayStation 2 classics ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, and it has been nearly seven years since Sony first revealed it. Since then, it has gone through delays, presumed cancellations, the retirement of many of its creative minds, a new PlayStation generation, failures to show up at conventions, and all sorts of wild speculation.

This latest rumor is just one of many, so I know not to get my hopes up. But we are getting Final Fantasy XV soon, so I believe anything might be possible now.

More important than a release date, I'm hoping we finally get an official platform announcement as well. The Last Guardian was originally hyped as a PlayStation 3 exclusive and a must buy for the blooming console. Seven years later, the PlayStation 4 is now Sony's new focus, and it could very well take on the same role for the newest system. Those who bought a PlayStation 3 for this game might feel a bit shortchanged if it never ends up coming, so I am hoping for a cross generation release.

If it were a PlayStation 4 exclusive, well… you fool me once, right?

I hope this pans out to be true, and I hope that everyone gets to enjoy this game, especially PlayStation 3 owners who can finally get what they were promised.