The Last Guardian is now 33% cheaper than its launch price. It initially went for $59.99, the standard price to AAA games, and now it’s going for $39.99.

This isn’t a sale or a temporary discount, this is a price cut. The Last Guardian will sell for, at most, $39.99, until its next price cut. The deal is good all retailers, including Amazon.

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This game was great, so it must not have sold too well

The Last Guardian released in December of 2016. It hasn’t even been two full months since its launch, though we’re quickly approaching that mark. For it to drop in price so quickly, despite its positive reviews, the game must not have done too well at retail.

If you held out, you should pick it up. Hesitating? Read our review. Yes, Trico can be tough to deal with, but this is a wonderful game that shouldn’t be missed by PlayStation 4 owners.

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