While it's still not totally clear exactly what's going on with Konami and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, the removal of his name from the publisher's works-in-progress continues. Following in Metal Gear Solid V's footsteps, the Kojima Productions logo has been removed from the webpage devoted to P.T./Silent Hills.

With Kojima's role at Konami having gone from executive to in-question, it's not surprising that Silent Hills is getting the same treatment.

The biggest question is whether Silent Hills even still has life in it. P.T. showed that the team has a lot of potential and unveiled the Hideo Kojima/Guillermo del Toro collaboration, immediately making it the most interesting entry in the series in some time. The return to a Konami-associated Japanese team rather than the outsourced European studios didn't hurt, either. If Kojima's involvement was of the "Hideo Kojima Presents" sort and less about direct involvement, then it's possible we could still see a Silent Hills game.

However, Konami isn't really helping. In a statement to Gamespot, a representative said that "Konami has switched from a studio-based to a headquarters based organization, so [Kojima Productions] wouldn't be listed as a studio anymore. At this time, there are no additional updates to share."

While we may simply not hear about it again if Silent Hills is indeed getting the axe, we hope to hear more about its fate soon.