Ah, the pleasures of youth. Sunshine, summer breaks and cool Capri Suns by the poolside. It sounds like the good life, but apparently all the rays are baking kids’ brains: a new report says that the majority of American youth would prefer a Mac to a PC. What has the world come to when children are actively seeking out fruit?

The  2012 Harris Poll Youth EquiTrend study polled kids ranging from 8 to 24, and found that for the most part, they liked the kinds of things you’d expect youngsters to like: Oreos, Nickelodeon, Sprite, the Nintendo Wii and so on. But the shocking bit came in the technology portion: Apple laid a clean sweep across the category, placing tops with the iPad, iPhone and Mac line of computers. We get the iPhone and iPad – they are pretty nifty – but Macs? C’mon kids, wouldn’t you rather have an Origin PC with an overclocked Core i7-2700k processor than a pricey computer with no optical drive and a lack of configuration options?

The Motorla Xoom and brands like HTC and HP come in second in those races, and reading between the lines, Harris expects them to stay that way in the future.

“Youth of today have spending power and they also have loyalty to brands. Some of this comes from their parents, but they also make their own decisions,” Youth and Education Reseach VP Regina A. Corso said in Harris’ press release. “Brands who tap into this loyalty when a consumer is a tween, and nurture it through the teen years, will have an extremely loyal customer by the time the customer is a young adult. Companies need to remember that consumers do not magically appear at age 18.”

In other words, if Apple hooks kids now, it has them forever.  What do you think: is the Mac going to enjoy a resurgence sometime in the future, or is Mac-mania a phase that the children will grow out of as they advance in years?

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