You know what they say: Go big or go home. That saying is never truer than when it comes to a Super Bowl party. Unlike many other types of get-togethers, the gear is as important — perhaps even more important — than any other aspect. So if you could, how would you pimp out your Super Bowl shindig? Here are a few ways I’d do it, if I could…

The Pimped-Out Super Bowl Party

1. An epic, jaw-dropping monster HDTV (50″ or more)

Few among us could afford to drop a wad of cash just for a TV for Super Bowl weekend. (If we could, we’d be there in the stadium, wouldn’t we?) Still, that thought doesn’t stop us from dreaming of rich colors, deep blacks and a gloriously huge screen that makes you feel like you’re right there on the 50-yard line. If you own one of these babies, lucky you — this alone secures the success of your party. Or if you know anyone who owns one, then consider moving the party over to the jumbotron’s house instead.

2. A way to wield all the play-by-play power

There’s a reason why Logitech’s Harmony One has a dedicated following — it simply spanks most other all-in-one remote controls on the market. Pick up the advanced unit to tame your TV, cable/satellite, audio system and other electronics, so you — and only you — can replay that sweet end zone defense over and over again. (Don’t feel like spending $150 to $200 on a universal remote? Well, there are two more options for getting all Harmonized: The Harmony Link, which costs $99, turns your commands from Android and iOS devices into infrared signals for your home electronics. Just download the free apps, and you’re good to go. There are also apps for users of the Logitech Revue Google TV. In this case, no other hardware is necessary — just download the free Harmony iOS or Android app.)

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3. A backyard grill that trumps your dinky kitchen

Back before I began my blogging career, I worked for a publisher who put out a cooking magazine… so you know food was going to be important to this round-up. And so I’d like to introduce you to the literally drool-inducing food-prep behemoth, the Viking 53” Ultra-premium E-series grill. I call it the “Shock and Awe” BBQ grill, a $7,000+ wonder that comes with a crazy-hot infrared side burner for searing, a detachable smoker box and an optional cart. Sure, there are grills even more mammoth and expensive than this one, but this Viking does double duty: The size and — let’s face it — sheer beauty make it perfect for feeding your herd at half-time while also inducing gasps of envy. That’s a win-win.

4. Game of thrones

Nothing like rooting for your fav team from the comforts of your La-Z-Boy. And magnanimous you, you’d love to give your pals some reclining armchair action too, wouldn’t you? You could do that with Elite Home Theater Seating… that is, if you’re willing to spend thousands on each seat. But just ’cause you’re pimping out your party, doesn’t mean you can’t be savvy, right? So if you’re going to splurge, why not do it on a sweet piece of seating that’s also multi-purpose? The X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair is a swiveling cushion of comfort with an integrated sound system that will serve you long after the last down, especially if you’re a gamer or audio freak. The fact that it costs less than $200 is just icing on the cake.

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5. Audio system to hear every bone crunch

So if you’re not buying an audio-packing multimedia chair for every one of your buddies, what then? Well, with live-event audio tech getting better all the time, you do want your guests to enjoy it, don’t you? These days, technology has advanced to such a degree that we here at home can feel like we’re on the field… that is, if you pipe it through a sweet sound system. I put the Aperion Intimus audio system on my holiday wish list, and it’s especially perfect for game day. The $1,350 asking price for the Intimus 5B Harmony SD (in medium cherry) buys a soundscape that lets guests hear every violation, stadium cheer or bone-crunching tackle like it was live.

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6. Quench that thirst… without leaving the living room

Your team’s got the ball. For good luck, you take a swig from the bottle and… ugh, it’s empty. So what are you gonna do? Head to the kitchen and miss the play? Or, you could just call your remote-controlled cooler to provide some needed libation. Yep, set this beverage cooler in your living room, and just hit the button on the remote to have it come runnin’. The cooler features a water-resistant insulated vinyl and a secure zippered lid, and you can control motions like up and back, right and left, to bring forth 12 cans or bottles (plus ice) of your favorite beverages.

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How would you rock the Super Bowl festivities, if you could? Would it be gear-heavy? Food-heavy? Both? Tell us about the pimped-out version you fantasize about.

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