Remember the JooJoo?  It was that 12” tablet developed by Fusion Garage that was meant for one thing; web surfing.  Despite its software only partially finished, it was getting some pretty positive impressions. The JooJoo was the first of its kind but where does its future lie?

joojooblueWith pending litigation and a foggy reputation, many who have heard of Fusion Garage will end up shying away.  There’s no telling how long this company will stay afloat and that’s certainly not reassuring.  Beyond us tech geeks, I wonder how many average consumers have heard of the JooJoo.  Therein lies the problem.

Throughout CES earlier this month, we saw uncountable tablet prototypes from nearly every computer manufacturer there. Ballmer showed off an HP tablet that’s expected to ship later this year probably for hundreds less than Fusion Garage’s.  MSI’s dual screen foldable tablet, despite running a full version of Windows 7 looks to be one of the coolest concepts we’ve seen in the wild.  Apple is widely expected to introduce their vision of a tablet next week. The JooJoo isn’t expected to ship until February at the earliest and by then, we’ll have already seen its competition.  How does the JooJoo expect to compete with big names and advertising campaigns?

Their idea was great. There’s certainly a market, albeit a niche, for a couch-computing device meant only for web browsing.  The execution will ultimately be the downfall with its incredibly steep $499 price tag that’s severely limited by the JooJoo’s sole function.  Hopefully, we’ll see iFixit tear one apart to give us a sense of how their pricing could have made it a semi-success.

We’re in a world where our many gadgets are being crammed into one multifunction device and there’s little forgiveness for those stuck in the past.  Is the JooJoo dead before it ships?  Did you preorder one?  I’m dying to find someone who did.  Leave your predictions in the comments.