In an age of smartwatches, predictive AI, self-driving cars and connected homes, the arrival of a Jetsons movie seemed inevitable. Deadline reports Warner Bros. has green-lit an animated movie based on the famous cartoon from the 60s, which starred a family living in a futuristic utopia (the year 2062). It was meant to be Hanna-Barbera's "Space Age" counterpart to The Flinstones.

A writer has allegedly been hired, though not many other details have been revealed. If the project is just now getting underway, it'll likely be awhile before a release date is set; don't expect the film to hit theaters until 2016 at the earliest. There has been a Jetsons movie before—all the way back in 1990—though it didn't exactly take Hollywood by storm. But with technology now at the forefront of everyone's minds, it's the perfect time to capitalize on the beloved franchise.

There's still a very real possibility the project could get shelved altogether, but it certainly makes sense that Warner Bros. is so interesting in making a feature-length film. The original show ran for just one season from 1962-1963, before making a short-lived comeback from 1985-1987. The Jetsons has a firm legacy in the cartoon world, but it would certainly be a challenge finding a new audience. The charm of the show was that it gave viewers a glimpse at the future of technology.

But, as it turns out, the future of technology is already here.