Apple’s biggest selling device right now is the iPhone X, earning buzz because of features like Animojis and Face ID. It was all but expected to sell like gangbusters on Black Friday, but even the most tepid of expectations were surpassed handily.

According to Rosenblatt China Technolgy, Apple reportedly sold a whopping 6 million iPhone X units on Black Friday. That number continues to show strong interest in Apple’s latest flagship.

Early in the release of the iPhone X, units were expected to be limited but Apple managed to turn things around. Shipment times now stand at only 1-2 weeks while in-store units can be found fairly easily. This likely contributed to the iPhone X’s high number of sales. For its part, Apple has pushed the iPhone X heavily with a barrage of ads that highlight some of its best features.

Apple is now expected to sell 80 million iPhone units over the holidays. If it manages to reach that marker, it would be a new sales record for Apple.