iPhone 5 invite

Ever since the invitations for the iPhone 5 event went out, people have been analyzing every little aspect of what they showed — from the icons indicating the date (October 4), the time (10 AM PST) and the location (Apple’s campus), to the badge on the phone app (people are still debating the “1” – only 1 phone to be introduced, the #1 phone?).  But at least the three words at the bottom seem pretty clear: “Let’s talk iPhone.”  There’s nothing hidden in that … right?

There has been a lot of talk floating around that the new version of iOS 5 will include “Assistant,” a feature that will allow for system-wide voice commands.  This has led some to wonder if “Let’s talk iPhone” was a hint that Assistant will play a big role in Tuesday’s announcement, or even if the software as a whole could possibly be the major portion of what we hear about that day.

While all of us at TechnoBuffalo agree the icons all have their meanings, we just aren’t sold on the theory that the tag line suggests a predominant software focus.  If it had read as “Let’s talk, iPhone,” then we would have been on board, but the lack of that one simple comma makes us believe that the intention is just to invite the recipient to a conversation about the iPhone — not necessarily that the presentation will be about talking to the iPhone.  And, yes, we actually did have this conversation today around the virtual water cooler, and yes we were shocked we were debating a comma, but that is something our job demands of us on occasion.

So, sorry folks, TechnoBuffalo votes “no” to the tag line suggesting a totally Assistant-oriented press event.

What do you think?  Are those words a hint about what the company plans to discuss, or are they simply a request for people to come talk about the iPhone 5?