Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S8 in the middle of April. Rumor has it it’s going to be packed to the gills with the latest features including a Snapdragon 835 processor with support for next-generation wireless networks, another gorgeous Quad HD display, plenty of color options and more. Apple is going to need to step up with the iPhone 8 if it wants to continue to sell record iPhones — and I think it will. Apple probably won’t include everything the Galaxy S8 will offer, but I’d like to see it add these five features if it wants to keep me as a customer.

1. Fast charging

You can juice up an iPhone pretty quickly with an iPad charger, but Apple needs to introduce its own version of Quick Charge/Adaptive Fast charging, two features offered by nearly every Android competitor at this point. Most Android phones can get you up to a 50 percent charge or more during the time it takes you to take a quick shower before going out for the evening, while the iPhone 7 still takes its dear old time at the outlet. It’s time for Apple to offer something similar with the iPhone 8.

2. Wireless charging

Speaking of charging, rumor has it the iPhone 8 is going to adopt some form of wireless charging, too. I’m curious to see how this plays out and whether Apple will support PMA and Qi, or surprise us with something else entirely. Samsung’s smartphones, as well as a couple of others, support both of the aforementioned wireless standards, which means you can top them up pretty much anywhere wireless charging is offered (Starbucks, for example.) Given the iPhone’s popularity, though, I think we’ll see wireless charging in plenty of additional places as soon as the iPhone 8 adopts it.

3. Quad HD display

I admit that the iPhone’s display is technically “sharp enough” for my uses, but I hope Apple future-proofs the next-generation iPhone with a Quad HD display. It’s one of the few manufacturers that hasn’t toyed in this space yet. Sure, Quad HD displays are really only needed for a great VR experience, something Apple doesn’t offer yet, but I hope it has something planned down the line that would make a Quad HD display useful. Plus, Apple tends to charge a premium for its devices, and it’s kind of frustrating to know that we’re paying out the nose for a screen that isn’t as sharp as others on competing smartphones. Maybe that’s just the spec geek in me talking.

4. OLED screen

Rumor has it Apple may add an OLED display to one of its premium iPhone 8 models. That’s the one I’m going to buy. There are plenty of benefits to OLED/AMOLED displays; users can expect brilliant colors and super bright panels, as well as battery life savings. I’d love to see other features, too, like HDR support for streaming the latest titles from Amazon and Netflix in the best possible quality. That’s something the Galaxy Note 7 offered before it was quickly yanked from the market, and a feature that I assume will make an appearance in the Galaxy S8 as well.

5. Gigabit LTE

Sometimes Apple’s ahead of the curve with wireless network technologies and sometimes it isn’t (remember the original iPhone launched without 3G support.) I think it’s going to be playing ahead of the ball this year. I expect that it’ll support some of the next-generation Gigabit LTE technologies that will also be supported by the Snapdragon 835 chipset thanks to Qualcomm’s X16 LTE modem. We had a chance to check out Gigabit LTE in Australia last week and… wow, it’ll blow you away. This will allow consumers to start getting Gigabit LTE speeds as carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile start rolling out the technology as they build out 5G networks. I have a feeling 4G LTE is going to feel really old really quickly, so Gigabit LTE support is a must for the iPhone 8.

Concept image above created by Georgy Pashkov.