It seems the market is still without an iPad competitor despite the strong emphasis on tablets at January's Consumer Electronics Show. The JooJoo came and went without a fight and the HP Slate seems to be enterprise-bound. Samsung's apparently been hard at work on anAndroid-powered tablet of their own and it looks to be the iPad's only competition until Google and Verizon manage to bring a Chrome OS tablet to life, say…around Thanksgiving??  Seeing as how Chrome OS is less of a competitor to the iPad than an Android tablet is, this Samsung Galaxy tablet might be Android's only hope of a formidable iPad alternative before the year winds down.  Despite the less than smooth pinch-to-zoom and finger panning, this 7″ is well on it's way to market.

Will this Samsung tablet make a splash or will it be just another tablet swept under the rug?  Let us know what you think below.