Were you a fan of Wedding Crashers? Well, how about Google Crashers? Apparently Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are teaming up again to play middle-age workers at the Mountain View campus in a new movie, The Internship. The twist? They're about as tech-savvy as the community in Amish Mafia. (Love the tagline: "Hiring them was a brilliant mistake.")

The duo play newly unemployed salesmen who apply for internships at Google. Somehow, they get the gig and find themselves at the company running with kids half their age who have twice the smarts. It's a cute twist on the classic "fish out of water" premise, but with the geek crowd's penchant for homing in on details, we'll have to see if the tech speak is authentic or cringeworthy.

Interesting note: Google is totally supportive of this flick. Like White Castle opening its doors to potheads Harold and Kumar, the Mountain View folks gave access to Wilson, Vaughn and the crew, and even sanctioned a Conan O'Brien-hosted Google Hangout with the actors (bottom).

The official trailer for the movie is out, so check it out below and let us know if you're planning on seeing it in theaters when it lands on June 7 (U.S.). Oh, and for some Mad Libs–style fun, you can visit the website and fill out your "internship application."