Contrast, on the surface, is a puzzle game with perspective flipping mechanics. You’ll switch between a 3D space and 2D shadow world on the fly, thus traversing areas and solving puzzles in this fashion.

Below the mechanics, though, lies a world brimming with style and tons of potential for a wonderful storyline. The style bit is quite obvious, especially in the slew of screenshots sitting in the gallery above. This is a showy take on the 1920s.

Players will take on the role of Dawn, the imaginary friend of a girl named Didi. She’ll bring the magic of flipping between the 3D and 2D world.

In addition to the fresh screenshots, the Contrast folks have also opened up a brand new site. You’ll find more images, updates, videos and blog posts within. Check it out if this game is something you’re interested in.

We’ll have more on Contrast as it comes. The title will release for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year. Stay tuned.