The Humble Nindie Bundle is the first time Nintendo is selling its games with a pay what you want online portal, and they elected to roll with the biggest of the bunch: The Humble Bundle.

The bundle debuted last week, but yesterday marked the addition of three mystery titles. If you pay more than the average, which is currently sitting at $9.20, you’ll get Gunman Clive for the 3DS, Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien and Sportsball. Those last two are for the Wii U. That’s in addition to the previously announced roster of Mighty Switch Force, Woah Dave!, and Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition.

Pay more than $10 and you’ll land Stealth Inc 2 and SteamWorld Dig.

There are some really great games here. My personal favorites are Runner 2Mighty Switch Force!Guacamelee! and SteamWorld Dig. Honeslty, it’s worth the $10 to get everything, but even the low prices work.

Are you picking this bundle up?