The Humble Store

Humble Bundle used to be a once in a Blue Moon kind of sale. We'd hear rumblings of its coming, then we'd be shocked when a pay-what-you-want deal was posted almost out of nowhere.

Then we had a weekly sale and a regular bundle. Constant pay-what-you-want sprees were coming at us from all angles.

Today? The Humble Bundle team launched The Humble Store. It's not pay-what-you-want, but it features daily sales on good games and the ability to give money to charity. The deals change daily, and the amount of each transaction that goes to charity is fixed at 10 percent.

Day one features some strong games. My personal nods go to The SwapperRogue LegacyGunpoint and Orcs Must Die! 2. But, really, everything in the pile looks grand.

What do you think about this new daily feature for Humble Bundle? Do you like it?