John Woo and Hotline Miami are both products of the 1980s. One is a legendary film director who revolutionized Hong Kong action flicks and police dramas, and the other is an acid trip indie game from a few years ago inspired by violent drug films like Scarface. Same era, two totally different styles. What would you get if you if you blended them together?

The Hong Kong Massacre does just that. This prototype trailer shows the game as a simplistic overhead shooter, much like Miami Hotline, but it tosses in the disturbing colors and uncomfortable vibe in exchange for that distinct 1980s Hong Kong feel. Slow moving shooting and diving, dual pistols, gallons of blood painting the walls and floors.

Its hard to tell which is more freaky, really, but I've always been more terrified of drugs than I have been of violence.

Don't expect the game to keep looking like this, as developer Vreski said it will be rebuilt in 3D using Unity.

"The idea from the beginning was to keep the 2D top-down style when moving to Unity, this will probably not be the case. Instead all the graphics will be made in 3D with a top-down camera with small perspective on it (although if you want a orthographic camera this could be an switch option of course). Still testing this out but it will most likely stay that way. I have a very talented 3D artist that has taking over the graphic part and it is looking very promising already."

Vreski says that the changes might not be popular with fans, but the team will monitor reactions to decide where to go. I like the simplistic style of it now, but I'm willing to wait until we see more to cast judgement.

Any takers? John Woo himself tried his hand at video games with 2008's Stranglehold, an underrated little shooter which starred Inspector Tequila from his popular film Hard Boiled. It too featured slow motion bullet time and linear destructive levels. If you are waiting for The Hong Kong Massacre, be sure to give that a go to help hold you over.