Super Mario Maker definitely has seen its share of unfair levels, but something must be said about masterpieces like this which actually provide a very possible challenge. Famous modder of challenging Super Mario World levels, PangaeaPanga, has brought his ability to cause hair loss and broken controllers to the Wii U, and his map took a towering 11,000 attempts before someone was finally able to beat it.

The map, Bomb Voyage, requires a lot of precise timing and expert placing of Bob-ombs to break otherwise impenetrable ice. Miss a placement, you start from the beginning. Lose a bomb, you start from the beginning. Naturally, if you hit a spike or get caught in a bomb's blast, you start from the beginning. You get the idea.

Popular Spelunky speedrunner Bananasaurus Rex has attempted and beaten the level, claiming it was the most insane he has played yet. He claims it took him four hours to beat, with one hour of practice and three hours of recording a perfect run. That's dedication!

You can check out Bomb Voyage at the ID 2A8F-0000-0049-9485. Let me know how it goes. I'm not going anywhere near that rabbit hole.

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