As Bungie walked away from Microsoft and Halo, it seems the maker of the Xbox was just about ready to let Halo‘s run end. That’s when Bonnie Ross, studio boss at 343 Industries, stepped up and saved the Chief’s immediate future.

Ross talked to Bloomberg about the questionable fate of the Halo franchise in the wake of Bungie’s departure.

“People felt like, ‘Let’s get another Halo or two out, and it’s the end of the franchise…’

…The thing I asked for was: If I take it over, I want to be George Lucas. I want to own everything, and I want to do things differently.”

She did take it over, and the result of that is Halo 5: Guardians, a pretty solid effort for a franchise that could have been dead by now.

Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor talked about when Ross showed up to take things over.

“Bonnie came in and really surprised everyone, because she’d read all the novels, she was deeply immersed in the fiction, and she’d played all the games.”

What do you think of the Halo Ross saved from franchise limbo? I’m glad she stepped up, personally, but it’s sort of fun to imagine where Microsoft would be without the Chief right now.