Capcom's latest game in the Ace Attorney series launches next week in Japan, and this week delivers us a launch trailer, probably the only launch trailer we'll ever see if the game remains exclusive to Japanese shores.

Roughly translated as The Great Ace Attorney, this one stars Phoenix Wright's ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo as he travels abroad beyond the confides of turn of the century Japan. He destination is Britain, and he intends to study law and investigation to help modernize Japan into a world power alongside the rest of the West.

However, when he arrives, he is accused of murdering Dr. John H. Watson, the same who helps Sherlock Holmes, and must defend himself through the same wild antics used by his descendant. On future cases, he even teams up with Sherlock Holmes as they run into famous historical figures of Victorian England and the Industrial Revolution.

No word yet on a localization, so we'll have to wait and see. As mentioned before, Capcom and other Japanese companies have a tendency not to localize games heavy with Japanese history for fear of alienating foreign audiences. Plus, Phoenix Wright is written as an American in the earlier English versions, and that creates a canonical problem with his Japanese ancestor.

As a counter-argument, if this takes place in England and stars Sherlock Holmes, I can see it being pretty easy for non-Japanese to understand. We'll just have to wait and see what Capcom says. It's been good recently about translating the Ace Attorney games, with only one being given the shaft. Hopefully, The Great Ace Attorney is not given the same treatment.

I love history, especially Japanese history of this pre-war area, and it would be a thrill to play!