I have an admission: I like dinosaurs. A lot. It is a childhood obsession that has never subsided and it is not rare for me to be sporting a dinosaur t-shirt in public. My wife reminds me that I’m supposed to be an adult.

The premise of The Good Dinosaur asks a question that I too have always wondered: if Dinosaurs existed alongside humans, what would that have been like? Answer: Funny, sad, and lots of heart.

Disclaimer: TechnoBuffalao was invited by Dolby to screen The Good Dinosaur at the El Capitan Theatre in advance of the film’s release.

I will keep to my promise of maintaining a spoiler-free review of The Good Dinosaur and not give away too much, at least not more than what has been shown on trailers.

First and foremost technically and visually, Pixar Studios does it again. The Good Dinosaur’s scenery and landscape are stunning, however even more impressive is how the studio has mastered just how dust, wind, and water float and flow with such a natural movement. Stunning.

The clip below is just a tidbit of how great some of the close up scenes look.

The scoring is phenomenal and punctuates the drama, sadness and comedy at just the right moments. There’s a bit of Western theme going on, fitting since the film seemingly takes place across the Western plains/mountains.

You can’t help fall in love with the characters, especially Arlo. Arlo is born with some shortcomings and appears to have to work harder to keep up with the rest of his siblings. In Arlo’s case, he is faced with a fear of… well, everything. That fear eventually leads to Arlo being separated from his family. It is also fear that drives Arlo through new adventures and dangers. Along the way, Arlo makes friends with a trio of T-rex’s and lost boy named Spot. These new friends teach him new skills and bring out more than Arlo knew he was capable of.

There are probably a couple scenes in the film that are bit intense for younger children, though you could say that about any other animated featured, think Lion King or Toy Story 3.

How does this film rank with other Pixar Studio films? It is high on my list, for sure. I’d place it near the very top. The movie has a lot of heart, many funny scenes, a great number of lessons for all ages and it is a real tearjerker.

I enjoyed watching this film as I’m sure you will too. The Good Dinosaur is rated PG and is now in theaters.