Would you look at this game? It’s a beauty! The Gardens Between has been announced for the PC and Mac platforms, and its due in “late 2017.” It’s being developed by The Voxel Agents. Look at this trailer!

We’re set to attend PAX East in early March, and The Gardens Between is one of the many games we’re already set to go hands-on with. We didn’t know much about the game beyond its name and the assets you see in this post, but it immediately looked like the type of title we’d dig. So, obviously, we signed up.

We’ll be seeing it at PAX East

Based on the email for the appointment, players will play Arina and Frendt as they explore gardens grown around objects from their past. That explains the old computer, right?

That’s really about the extent of what we know for this game. We’ll have our impressions and maybe some discussion with the developers next month. Stay tuned.