Undertale Sans

The Game Awards were held last night, and congrats to all the winners. Whether you agree or not, this award show is official and the results cannot be debated or further discussed in a public forum…


It’s nice to see that the video game industry is trying to rally around something that resembles the Academy Awards, but it’s also bound to attract the same annual criticisms that it “got the choices wrong.” Anyway you look at it, at least we gamers benefit through this obvious marketing ploy by getting a whole lot of sales! Steam, the PlayStation Store, and Xbox Live have all dropped the price of all the nominees, giving curious on-watchers the chance to try them out cheaply.

No Super Mario Maker sale though. Not just yet, but hey… Nintendo. That’s why.

Do yourself a favor. Skip the AAA titles for now, since you’ve probably already played them, and set aside your weekend to romp through Undertale. This is the indie hit to watch out for, and probably my favorite of the year. What a wonderful little game! It isn’t the highest rated 2015 game on Metacritic for no reason, either.