A new video from iDeviceHelp appears to demonstrate how easy it is to spoof the Galaxy S8’s facial scanner—a feature Samsung lists on its website under “security.” Hey, at least the S8’s battery won’t catch fire—we hope.

Along with a fingerprint sensor and iris scanner, Samsung added a facial-scanning option to the Galaxy S8 that the company claimed wouldn’t be fooled by pictures, which is a common way to defeat facial recognition features. But, as the video clearly shows, it doesn’t take much to bypass. All you need is a clear photo.

To be fair, Samsung has already admitted the Galaxy S8’s facial-scanning feature isn’t as secure as a fingerprint or iris scanner. Still, it’s disappointing to see how simple it as for the feature to be fooled. No doubt, a lot of people will use the S8’s facial scanner as their preferred security option simply for its cool factor.

Perhaps the feature can be tweaked

The phones that appear in the video might not be final, so there’s a chance Samsung could improve the facial-scanning feature by the time the Galaxy S8 launches next month. In any case, if you’re worried about security, you should consider using an alternative method.