The Galaxy S8 is arguably Samsung’s most innovative smartphone to date, which is why it should come as no surprise to hear that it’s also one of its most expensive to build, with each device reportedly costing the firm $307.50.

In comparison, every Galaxy S7 that leaves the assembly line is believed to set Samsung back $255.10, while the iPhone 7 — the latest handset in the iPhone range — allegedly costs Apple a mere $224.80.

Unfortunately, analytics firm IHS Markit didn’t provide any figures pertaining to how much it costs to build the larger Galaxy S8 Plus. Although, it claims it’s more than its competitors, including the Pixel XL.

The Galaxy S8 pushes the boundaries

It’s not difficult to see why the Galaxy S8 is an expensive device to produce. It’s one of the few smartphones that pushes the boundaries when it comes to design, and that takes a toll on the basic manufacturing costs and bill of materials.