Though this may be a deeply digital age, there’s still one paper-driven holdover that persists like nothing else — the business card. More than once, I’ve seen hi-tech executives put down their sleek, sexy devices just so they can fumble around their pockets and dig one out. It’s fascinating. Ironically adorable, even. But these vestiges of yesteryear are not without their flaws: One little change to that address, phone number or email, and those stacks and stacks of cards suddenly become worthless.

There has to be a better way. (And no, tossing them altogether isn’t it. Too many people still favor tangible contact information.) Enter dynamic business cards, courtesy of the wireless magic known as Near Field Communication. developed a solution that embeds these newfangled cards with NFC, so users can easily distribute digital contact info via a business website, social media link, promotional vid, or any other online resource they feel like plugging in there.

It’s not entirely unlike printing a QR code on a card to direct recipients to a specified URL, only Moo’s approach is less cumbersome. Instead of requiring a smartphone camera and an app, these dynamic cards automatically load the info when NFC-equipped devices pass within a few centimeters.

Sounds cool, but there is a downside: NFC isn’t exactly standard in smartphones yet. So if everyone you know or could hope to meet has, say, a Galaxy S II or a Nexus, you’re good to go. But if any of them have iPhone 5’s, you’re out of luck… unless you still print your contact info on them anyway.

Still, it’s a novel concept, one that could really get some legs under it once there’s broader support for NFC. in the mean time, you can still get a free peep into the future of business cards by hitting up It’s holding a giveaway that offers them to the first 150,000 customers who place orders for its regular biz cards (deliverable in early 2013, when the dynamic cards launch).

Interested? Then check out the video below for more info.

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